Proudly known as the 'First Family of Fireworks', Zambelli is one of the oldest and largest fireworks companies in the United States of America, if not the world. Their fireworks displays can be seen all over the globe, and have been featured extensively on the Discovery Channel and the British Broadcasting Corporation. Founded back in 1893 by Antonio Zambelli in Naples, Italy, Zambelli have vast experience in providing spectacular pyrotechnic displays. This can be witnessed every 4th July, as their fireworks light up an entire nation.

Technical masters in the field, and current Guinness World Record Holders for shooting fireworks from the highest altitudes, Zambelli will be sure to provide a display for the record books as part of the Oman World Fireworks Championship 2010.

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Top Events

1. Times Square New Year's Eve Display, New York, USA

2. Thunder Over Louisville, Kentucky, USA

3. Mount Rushmore National Memorial Celebrations, South Dakota, USA

4. Imagine Pittsburgh Fireworks Spectacular, Pennsylvania, USA

5. GlobalFest Fireworks Competition, Calgary, Canada (1st Prize)

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One to watch: Patrick Brault

As Creative Director, Patrick has overseen the displays for Olympic Games closing ceremonies, international festivals and Prime Ministerial celebrations. Patrick holds a large number of international firework competition awards, including the Malaysian and Denang International titles. A vastly experienced pyrotechnic specialist, his expertise will ensure a fantastic display at the World Fireworks Championship.