Panzera enter the World Fireworks Championship with a fantastic pedigree of competition wins and international events. Originating from Italy and founded in the 1930's, Panzera are famous for elegant displays, which are perfectly synchronised to music. Panzera produced the spectacular closing ceremony of the Turin Winter Olympics and supply Disneyland, Florida, with their fireworks each year. A well-known force on the international fireworks circuit, Panzera arrive at the Oman World Fireworks Championship 2010 aiming to add the biggest trophy of all to their collection.

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Top Events

1. Hong Kong International Fireworks Competition (1st Prize)

2. Leipzig International Fireworks Competition, Germany (1st Prize)

3. International Fireworks Festival of Zagreb, Croatia (1st Prize)

4. Pyromachina, Krakow, Poland (1st Prize)

5. Brno Pyrotechnic Festival, Czech Republic (1st Prize)

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One to watch: Pierpaolo Serafino

Pierpaolo Serafino (Lead Pyrotechnic Designer) Pierpaolo has worked on some of the biggest firework competitions in the world, bringing an expertly organised and distinctive style to Panzera's performances. Renown for his outstanding attention to detail and delicate choreography skills, the upcoming show in Muscat promises to be a masterclass in pyrotechnic displays.